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DIY Your Garage/ Tool Shed

When organizing your garage, keep two key principles in mind: visibility and access. Arrange items so that you can see everything you have and store things accordingly to how frequently you need them. To maximize space, utilize the walls and ceiling. Four tools will help you achieve this:

  1. Shelves and plastic storage bins. Store seasonal sports equipment, holiday decorations, camping equipment, out-of-season clothing, ski and snowboarding gear, and bulky tools in large plastic bins. Stackable plastic drawers are a great way to manage household supplies such as lightbulbs, vacuum cleaner bags, and batteries. Use a large font on your label maker to clearly ID boxes.

  2. Garage storage wall system. Make use of wall space with a garage storage wall system. Peg-Board is one option. Hooks can be positioned as desired to hold tools, rakes, brooms, garden hoses, beach chairs, etc. Several companies manufacture wall panel systems, complete with hooks, shelves, and storage cabinets that allow you to store the heaviest of objects, such as a bicycle. wheelbarrow, circular saw, and ladder.

  3. Ceiling storage. A number of overhead storage systems on the market suspend from the ceiling or rafters and can hold up to a thousand pounds. Smaller versions are available that are perfect for out-of-season gear like snowboards and cross-country skis in the summer and surfboards and boogie boards in the winter.

  4. Workbench. Whatever your passion - gardening, home improvement, or tinkering with the car - a workbench can help keep you organized and also provide a work and storage space. A Peg-Board above a workbench is ideal for hanging tools. Shelving can hold garden pots and soil or clear stacked plastic shoe boxes for home improvement items like sandpaper, Spackle, caulk, rope, tape, and gloves.

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