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Home Organization Systems

Home Organization Systems;

(phrase) tools, products, and/ or practices that promote the simplification, ease, and flow of an organized space.

i.e, shoe racks, storage bins, washing dishes as you cook a meal.

Sounds pretty easy, and to be quite honest with you, it kind of is. Finding products that will aid in your home organization systems is not the challenge here, it’s finding what works in your unique home. Countless times I would come across some "life changing" products online just for them to sit in my garage, still in the box, collecting dust. Actually finding products that you will use to add organization and flow to your space is a much more personal and unique experience than you may think.

In some cases, less is more! More often than not, I help clients realize they simply do not want or need the stuff they want organized. When beginning the journey of organizing your home, you may find yourself drawn towards a more minimalistic lifestyle - why buy a shoe rack for 10 pairs of shoes when you only wear 3?

However, in most cases it's not that easy. If you’re like me and juggle between having a home office, kids rooms with a plethora of toys scattered throughout the home, materials for hobbies and interests, and everything else that simply exists in a home, you may need some help. Determining what works for you is a phase of trial and error, and I'm here to help!

I once bought six storage bins for my linen closet and labeled each accordingly. What I thought was an aesthetically pleasing way to organize my stuff quickly became a disaster of all the bins getting mixed with one another, some too far out of reach to actually use, and most of the space in the *tiny* closet was used up! I couldn't fit anything else. What I thought I saw was "the way" to organize a closet, what I didn't see was that my too-small-space needed a bit more of creative thinking. I ended up hanging some shelves for frequent use and purging a few years worth of products I'll never use (and I got rid of those bins.)

How do you know what works for you? Like I mentioned earlier, it takes some trial and error. If you find yourself easily overwhelmed by too much clutter, maybe buying more products isn't the first step. I have been practicing the Marie Kondo mindset, which simplified is "Discard everything that does not spark joy." It's tough, I know, but I like to think that an organized home leads to an organized mind. Although this may be a nod towards Minimalism, it doesn't have to be. I love having pretty decor, cutesy office supplies, and the softest blankets to snuggle up with in my home. The focus here is not what that stuff is that brings you joy, but the mindset behind it.

I emphasize creating Home Organization Systems when I meet with clients because along with leaving you with an organized home, I want to leave you with the systems in place that will keep it organized.

If you're curious about learning more about Home Organizational Systems or want to schedule a consultation with me, head over to connect and lets get started!


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