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How to Create Space in Your Kitchen

I'm going to break down into twelve easy steps how to look for unused space in your kitchen and how to find creative ways to use it.

  1. Look for unused wall space to hang shelves for additional services.

  2. Mount a stainless steel bar with S-hooks to hang a spice rack and/or utensils.

  3. Mount a knife strip on the wall.

  4. Even empty corners can be put to use; equip them with slim cabinetry that takes advantage of vertical space.

  5. Use wood boxes to store things you don't use regularly that might otherwise gather dust or be in the way.

  6. Adjustable shelving can be customized to store taller items such as vases and jugs.

  7. A butcher-block surface does double-duty as a top for an island and a cutting board. Add shelving underneath.

  8. Use matching baskets to hold nonrefrigerated produce such as garlic, onions, and ginger.

  9. Put the kitchen table use free up drawer space by keeping flatware in a caddy at the center of the table.

  10. Save counter space by mounting small appliances, like a microwave, coffeemaker, or toaster under upper cabinets.

  11. Buy two-in-one space-saving appliances such as microwave-toaster combinations.

  12. Paint the walls. Lighter colors help make the space seem bigger and more open.


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