Shaping Up for the Holidays

Getting organized before the busiest, craziest time of the year!


Having guests over this football season? What about for a Halloween party? Maybe Thanksgiving? Whatever the occasion, you may want to get your home is a clean and working order. Lets get started!

First Impressions: The Entry

What can easily be one of the more chaotic and messy places in your home can just as easily exude orderliness and organization for you and your guests.

What should be in your entryway, anyway?

  1. A thin entryway table for things such as keys, wallets, purses, etc. to land.

  2. A place to hang coats, backpacks, and umbrellas.

  3. A container, such as a basket, for items such as scarves, hats, and gloves.

  4. Boot and shoe storage.

  5. A place to sit to put on those shoes!

The Heart of the Home: The Kitchen

Between Game Day meals and afterschool lunches all the way to Thanksgiving, the kitchen is more than likely the room in your home that receives the most attention; lets take care of it!

Project #1: Countertops

Perhaps the most effective way to make your kitchen appear more organized and inviting is to clear off the countertops - yes, ALL the countertops. At least, clear of objects you don't use on a daily basis. To solve this issue, we need to get creative with the way you store your items and of course, what items you should actually keep in the kitchen.

Project #2: Under the Sink

Although almost no one will see under your sink, there's something that must be done every time you use the kitchen: clean up! Make cleaning up a lot easier on yourself by purging and organizing your cleaning supplies under the sink for stress free clean ups (Also, if someone does help with the clean up, it'll be easier for them to find supplies, too!)

Project #3: Fridge Clean Out

It's time to purge. For real this time. Those old condiment packets you saved from your favorite restaurant 6 months ago are not going to be used (or still edible, even.) Not to mention those leftovers from last week. And those veggies will definitely upset your stomach. There's nothing more refreshing then cleaning out the fridge, especially when you know all that's in there after are items that will actually be consumed.

Project #3 pt.2: Organizing your Fridge

Yes, this deserves a second part! If your veggies are going bad and your leftovers get too old to eat, a common issue you may be having is not being able to see those items in the fridge. Here are some simple ways to organize your fridge:

  1. Keep like items together.

  2. Reposition your shelves (if able) to better suit your households needs.

  3. Taller items in the back.

  4. Learn how to properly store your fresh fruits and veggies to make them last longer.

  5. Don't over buy/ over stock.

  6. Use stackable, clear containers when storing foods.

  7. Look up those super satisfying ASMR TikTok's of people restocking their fridges for some great inspiration.

Having Overnight Guests

If you're planning on having guests stay the night in your home, lets make sure they're comfortable.

Where to Sleep

If you home isn't equipped for a guest bedroom, invest in some furniture that will make it easier to convert living spaces to guest spaces.

Blowup mattresses are always a great option, but storing them can be tough if smaller households with tighter spaces.

Both pullout couches and deep couches with ottomans are very popular right now and are great for doubling as extra sleeping spaces. You can also store any bed sheets, blankets, and pillows in ottomans just for your guests.

In the Bathroom

When prepping the bathroom for guests, keep in mind what you'd bring in toiletries for yourself on a trip.

Shampoo, condition, body wash, face wash, spare tooth brush and toothpaste, floss, all travel sized will do nicely for guests staying a few nights in your home. They'll also be pretty easy to replace whenever the guest leaves.