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The Ultimate Organized Travel Guide

Preparing for Departure

Here is a simple checklist for what needs to be done before leaving your home for an extended period of time:

- Arrange care for plants, pets, yard, and mail.

- Pay any bills due in advance.

- Empty your perishables from fridge. (Give away to friends/ family, or your local donation center)

- Take out the trash (nothing worse than coming back to a smelly home!)

- Unplug your appliances and electronics.

- Close fireplace flue.

- Lock all doors and windows.

- Set thermostat to a reasonable level for pets and plants left behind.

- Double check that stove and oven are shut off.

- Leave a key and itinerary with a close friend, a trusted neighbor, or your plant/ pet caretaker.

- Leave a light on to deter burglars or set timers if your home is equipped! We use these smart lights that come with an app to your phone.


Sample Packing Lists

Clothing Essentials for Everyone

Flipflops/ sandals, walking shoes, dress shoes

Jackets, sweaters/ sweatshirts

Underwear, socks, pj's, bras

Shirts, tshirts, beach coverups

Shorts, trousers/ pants/ jeans, athletic bottoms

First Aid


Important Documents

Personal Hygiene

Travel Aids

A few product recommendations that I use for travelling:

Apple AirTag - add an AirTag to important items such as your checked luggage, wallet, etc. in the case something gets lost.


Lists by Vacation Type

Beach Vacation

Aloe Vera

Bathing Suits

Beach Chairs

Beach Totes

Beach Toys

Beach Umbrella


Flip Flops/ Sandals

Mosquito Net

Rash Guards

Reusable Water Bottle

Sarong/ Beach Cover Up

Sun Hat


Reef-Safe Sunscreen


Business Trip

Camping Trip

International Trip

Ski Trip


Carry-On Essentials

When it comes to you carry-on bag, pack only those items you will need during the flight or that you can't do without in the event that your checked luggage doesn't arrive. Your carry-on should include cash, jewelry, passport, travel documents (including itineraries), traveler's checks, keys, laptop and power cord, medications, makeup, toothpaste, toothbrush, and a clean pair of underwear.


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