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Meet Your Team


Gaby Warlick, Owner & Lead Organizer

Hey ya'll! I'm originally from Waco, Texas but have made Troy our new home. I met my husband at True Love Karaoke Bar and we've been singing 'Lucky' ever since. I'm a boy mom to two incredibly outgoing kids. When we have free time, we love to try new restaurants, go to concerts, and tackle home renovation projects. 


Ben Warlick, Operations Manager & Assistant Organizer

Hi, I'm Ben! I'm a transplant from NC. I graduated with my MBA from Baylor University. I help my wife with behind the scenes operations and financials. I'm a nerd at heart and enjoy board games, anime, and singing karaoke.


Juliana Bisson, Social Media, Brand Designer & Assistant Organizer

Hello! When I'm not doing Social Media for Gaby, I enjoy making coffee, reading a good book, and rock climbing! I currently live in Austin  and love taking strolls around this beautiful city.

Our Process

Thoughtful Consultation and Assessment:
We begin by deeply understanding your needs and aspirations for your space. Through a thoughtful consultation and assessment, we gain insights into your desired outcomes and the challenges you face. This allows us to tailor our approach and develop a personalized organizing plan that suits your lifestyle and goals.

Mindful Decluttering and Sorting:
We guide you through a mindful decluttering process, helping you make deliberate choices about what to keep, donate, or let go of. Our focus is on creating a space that is filled with items that truly resonate with you and bring you a sense of joy and serenity. We provide support and guidance to help you let go of items that no longer serve you.

Customized Organizing Solutions:
We believe that organizing is not a one-size-fits-all approach. We work closely with you to create customized organizing solutions that maximize your space and reflect your unique preferences. We offer practical strategies for storage, layout, and organization systems to optimize functionality and create a visually appealing environment.

Sustainable Maintenance Strategies:
We want to empower you to maintain the organization we create together. Our team provides you with sustainable maintenance strategies and practical tips to help you stay organized in the long run. We share our expertise and knowledge to ensure that your space remains clutter-free and harmonious.

Compassionate Support and Guidance:
Throughout the organizing process, we provide compassionate support and guidance. We understand that organizing can be an emotional journey, and we are there to listen, offer encouragement, and help you overcome any challenges you may encounter. We strive to create a safe and non-judgmental space for you to navigate the organizing process.

Specialized Areas and Services:

Beyond general home organization, we offer specialized services for specific areas of your home. Whether it's organizing your kitchen, bedroom, home office, or garage, we have the expertise to tackle any space. We also provide assistance with downsizing, moving, and estate organization, supporting you during life transitions and helping you navigate through change.

Experience the transformative power of our joyful and mindful approach to home organizing with Gaby's Gotcha. Let us help you create a space that brings you peace, harmony, and a renewed sense of well-being.


Contact us today to begin your journey towards a clutter-free and serene living environment.

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